Getting objective insight into our strengths and blind spots, as well as seeing how we differ from others, is invaluable in work, relationships and life.

Some people get their energy from being with people while others draw their energy from quiet time alone. Some people are good with details and facts while others see connections between things and how they can create new possibilities. 

We are all different in our personalities, our capabilities and the way in which we move through the world. Gaining insight into ourselves can be extremely valuable for our personal growth. It also helps with our relationships as we learn to see and understand things from other’s perspectives.

Using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Radiant Image helps you gain greater self-awareness for why you do things the way you do as well as how you tend to communicate with others. We provide tips for communicating more effectively to create and maintain positive relationships in the workplace and at home.

Learn more about yourself. Come in for a consult today!


Time Needed: 2.5 hours
  • 1 hour:  Initial in-person consult 
  • 30 minutes: Completion of Myers-Briggs Type Indicator 
  • 1 hour: Feedback consult
  • Includes Type information and reference materials

Cost: $125