Shop in Your Closet

Get more to wear from your own closet.

Too many of us have closets jam-packed with clothing we never (or shouldn’t) wear. Some of these items are too small but we hold onto them hoping that one day we will wear them again. Looking into a closet full of clothes but feeling we have nothing to wear is frustrating and a little depressing.

Closet Audit Service

It can be hard to purge our own closets because we’re emotionally connected to our clothes. We may also not know what to purge or how to combine clothes and accessories so that they flatter our features. Radiant Image’s Closet Audit service objectively reviews your closet and pulls out clothing that…

  • Doesn’t fit
  • Is in colors or styles that are not flattering for your features
  • Is stained or damaged
  • Is outdated

Afterwards, we’ll pull together pieces you may never have thought about wearing together, including scarfs, necklaces, belts and shoes to create new outfits that flatter your features. We’ll take pictures of the newly created outfits so you can refer to them when getting dressed and provide you with an outfit list, showing your clothes by capsules (clothes, shoes, jewelry to wear together). Our goal is for you to open your closet and be excited about all of the great options you have to wear!

We will also identify items to purchase that will help your existing clothes go further, plus mix and match with each other, giving you more outfits to wear that look great on you!

Finally, we’ll provide tips for organizing your closet so it is easy to find what you are looking for. We can also advise on opportunities to sell your clothing or donate them to support local charities.

Time: 3 hours (average size closet)
$299 (additional time $75/hr)