Enhance Your Image

Everyone has a self-image.

How we see ourselves impacts our happiness and our energy. It reflects in our appearance and the way we interact with others, creating impressions about our likability, competency and credibility.

Radiant Image can help improve your or your employee’s self-image by providing objective information and advice on appearance enhancements and how to connect more effectively with others. 

Everyone can use a little support! 

  • An individual looking for a promotion, a new job or dating opportunities
  • A professional looking to up their game
  • A small business owner wanting to increase sales
  • A retiree who wants to refresh their look
  • An employer who wants employees to be effective brand ambassadors
  • A stay-at-home parent or caregiver who needs a boost
  • Anyone who just wants to do something positive for themselves!

Take the time. Make the investment today! 

Clothing Colors & Fit

Look great and have more to wear by learning the best clothing colors and styles for your features.

Closet Audits

Learn how to get more out of the clothes you already have in your closet!

Employee Coaching

Employees are your most important marketing tool. Help them be positive brand ambassadors for your business.

Presentations & Materials

Create more effective presentations and materials for maximum impact.