Whoever Represents Your Business is the Brand

Your business’s brand, and the people that represent it, are tied together.

Whether you’re a professional selling your expertise or an organization with employees, the brand and capabilities of your work is judged by the impressions you or your team make on others. Having a positive appearance and effectively connecting with others impacts sales and customer retention, because people buy from, and stay with, people they like, who appear “together” and who they believe to be competent and trustworthy.

Radiant Image provides coaching services to professional service providers and to employers to enhance their staff’s personal presence and communication skills so they can be effective team members and positive brand ambassadors for themselves and their employer. Some things we focus on include:

  • Appearance Coaching – Teaching individuals how to dress for their coloring and body proportions, plus guidance on glasses, hairstyles and accessories for their face shape and how to dress for business casual and other business events.
  • Self-Awareness & Team Communication – Helping individuals learn their strengths and blind spots to improve self-awareness, interpersonal skills and team effectiveness.
  • Networking & the Art of Conversation Techniques – Teaching techniques to help create quality conversations; the role of body language, listening and voice tone when communicating with others, and strategies to nurture relationships.
  • Business Etiquette Coaching – Tips for use of, and time/place for, virtual meetings, texting/phone use, emailing, handwritten notes and personal social media posts.
  • Effective Presentation Support – Coaching on presentation flow, the impact of voice tone and eye contact and over use of filler words (“um”,“you know”) as well as creating proposals and handouts that result in sales.

Check out our services for individuals and teams below and contact us to explore how we can work with you or your team to create more productive relationships that result in increased sales and customer retention.

One-on-One Coaching
Learn techniques to create a more impactful personal presence to improve confidence, create more opportunities and increase sales.

Coaching for Effective Presentations
Your presentations give an impression about your capabilities and likability. Learn what you and your company can do to increase effectiveness.

Creating Effective Team Communication
Do you have a new team? Does an existing team need support to work more effectively? Give them tools to improve understanding and communication.

Team Building with Color Analysis
This fun and creative experience brings teams together to enhance relationships and improve productivity.