Packing for a trip can be frustrating. Here’s some tips to help make it easier!

Overall Tips

  • Select clothes from the same color family – makes it easier to mix and match
  • Pack more tops than bottoms – bottom colors should be in basic colors like blue, black, grey, taupe, brown, etc.
  • Choose knits, cottons and polyester blends that don’t wrinkle – avoid linen and other fabrics that don’t hold their shape

Short Trip Packing: 3-4 Days

  • Coordinating casual jacket, pants, skirt (travel outfit)
  • Additional pair of pants, capris or shorts (depending on weather)
  • 3 tops that match bottoms
  • 2 shoes – casual, walk around shoes plus either sandals or dressier shoes
  • 3-4 underwear and one spare bra
  • 3-4 socks
  • PJs
  • Toiletries and makeup
  • Hair styling tools (flat irons, curlers, etc.)
  • Basic “just in case” medicines (ibuprofin, Tylonal, etc.)

Longer Trip: 7-10 Days

  • Add another jacket or cardigan sweater
  • Add 2 more tops
  • Add 1 more pair of pants
  • Add 1 skirt, capris or shorts/skort to match tops
  • Add more socks and underwear
  • Consider adding a dress for a fancier restaurant!
  • Add dressier pair of shoes (if needed for dress)

How to Pack a Suitcase

  • Roll softer fabrics and fold stiffer ones
  • Arrange rolled items in the bottom
  • Place folded garments in next. Then, cover with a large plastic bag
  • Top your suitcase with the clothes you need first
  • Snake belts around the perimeter of the bag
  • Put shoes into a one-gallon resealable bags and set them along the side

Bringing a Hat with a Brim? Here’s How to Pack It!

  • Fill the inside (where your head goes) with socks or underwear
  • Place hat flat, brim-side down, in the suitcase on top of your folded clothes
  • Place other folded clothes on top of the brim to keep the shape!

One more thing…Copy Important Documents Before You Go

  • Make 3 copies of your credit cards, driver’s license and passport
  • Keep one at home, one in your carry-on bag/purse, and one in your luggage
  • Now you’re ready to go!!


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