Heart & V-Triangle Face Characteristics
Heart and V-Triangle shaped faces are widest at the forehead then slope to a narrower jaw and chin. The difference between the two is the angularity of the the jaw and chin, with the Heart being softer and the V-Triangle being more angular.

Glasses Goal
To minimize the wide upper part of the face by shifting attention downward to lengthen the forehead and balance the face.

Good Frame Options
Frames with rounded edges, including: Aviators, Cat-eye shapes, Butterfly, Rounded and Octangular styles work well.

Frames that are rectangular or overly angular


Golden framed Aviators with brown lenses look great with her face and coloring.

Cat-Eye glasses work well too!

Rounded frames balance Reese’s face nicely.

NOT GOOD – these frames are too large and dark for Reese’s features.



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