There are three eye shapes:

The Almond Eye – You have an Almond eye shape if you CAN’T see the white above or below the iris because the eye lids cover part of the iris.


The Round Eye – You have a Round eye shape if you can see the white of your eyes either above or below your iris (or both).


The Monolid Eye – You have Monolid eyes if the skin of your upper eyelids covers the inner parts of your eyes so that there are no folds dividing your eyelids into two parts. This eye shape is most common in people of Asian descent.


In addition to your eye shape, there are characteristics that impact the eye’s appearance. These include:


Hooded – You have Hooded eyes if you cannot see a crease between your eye lid and your upper lid. This is because the upper lid is covering all or part of your eye lid. People can be born with Hooded eyes or the eyes can become hooded over time due to aging.


Upturned or Downturned – You have Upturned eyes if the outer edge of your eye tilts upwards from the center point of your eye. You have Downturned eyes if the tilt of the outer edge turns downwards.


Deep-Set or Protruding – You have Deep-Set eyes if your eyes are tucked further back into the eye socket, causing the upper eyelid to appear shorter and your brow bone to appear larger and more prominent. By contrast, you have Protruding eyes if your eyes stick outward from the eye socket and toward the lash line, resulting in the eye appearing very prominent on the face.


Close-Set or Wide-Set – This characteristic is determined by how close your eyes are to one another. To find out, measure your eye with your thumb and index finger then hold that same space between your eye and your nose (as shown below).

If the gap between your eyes is the same width as your eyes, then you have evenly-spaced eyes.

However, if the space between your eyes is less than one eye length in size, you have Close-Set eyes. If the space between your eyes is greater than one eye length, you have Wide-Set eyes.



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