The coloring of your skin, hair and eyes impacts how you look in different color shades. Some people are warmer tones and some people are cooler tones. Look at these two beautiful women. They are very different in coloring. The red-headed woman is very warm, with soft aqua-colored eyes, a peachy cream skin tone and of course, rich auburn hair. The woman with the gray hair is very cool in coloring with deep turquoise eyes, ivory skin and silver-gray hair.

If these ladies were shopping, they should be looking for very different clothing and makeup colors. The red-headed woman needs clothing in the rich, earthy colors of the Autumn season such as rust, brown, olive green, teal blue, terra cotta, pumpkin and moss green. Black, white and bright colors would make her look sallow, tired and “off”.

By contrast, the gray-haired woman needs clothing in the cool, clear colors of the Winter season such as bright reds, greens, vivid purples, royal blue, black, white and hot pinks. Earthy colors like those mentioned for Autumn would make her look sallow, bland and unhealthy.

There are also differences in the color-combinations that look best on women (and men!). Some of us are fair or light coloring overall, some are medium and some are dark. Some have a combination of light, medium and dark in their features while others, particularly women of color, are deeper in coloring.

In the example above, the red-headed woman has medium coloring overall. She will look best in clothing combinations that are in medium in tone – wearing light with medium or medium with dark combinations. When we look at her, she is in a lighter aqua top with a medium rust colored jacket. Her best makeup colors are medium in value. In contrast, the gray-haired woman is considered “contrasting”, because she has a combination of light, medium and dark coloring with her light skin, dark eyes and medium hair tone. She will look best in clothing combinations of light and dark colors worn together with a bright accent. Her best makeup colors are brighter or deeper.

So what does all this mean to you?

Selecting clothing and makeup colors should be based on YOUR coloring, not what is “hot” in the stores.  The fashion industry is very good at making women believe they must wear this color or that color to be “in style”. This is insanity because it focuses on a “one-color-fits-all” attitude and encourages women to buy clothing they don’t look good in, not to mention spending money unnecessarily.

If you are interested in learning whether you’re warmer or cooler in coloring, email a close up face shot to: You will need to take the photo without makeup, during the daytime, with natural light on your face (Not direct sunlight that causes shadows). Usually standing in front of a window with good light works well. I’ll do a quick analysis using your photo, and will virtually “drape” you in a variety of colors to determine if your warmer or cooler in coloring. I will provide you with a general direction to get you started. NO CHARGE. It’s just part of my mission to get women thinking differently about the clothes they purchase.

Hope to hear from you…until next time!