Effective appearance and communication skills can be taught.


People don’t always have an accurate understanding about how others experience them, which can impact their opportunities and success.

  • Wearing unflattering clothing that does not portray professionalism or confidence can result in poor impressions and lost business.
  • Over talking without listening or talking over people’s heads causes people to lose interest.
  • Focusing on sales instead of a client or prospect’s needs results in reduced sales and shorter relationships.
  • Looking at a phone repeatedly or scanning the room for the next person to talk to during a conversation at a business event makes others feel unimportant.
  • Forgetting that small things, like handwritten notes and returning calls and emails promptly, make a difference.

Learn How to Be More Effective.

Radiant Image works discretely, one-on-one, with people who provide professional services and employees of larger businesses, teaching them learn how to enhance their personal presence so they can be more effective in nurturing relationships with clients, prospects and co-workers.

Coaching can include personal appearance enhancements, how to effectively network, etiquette for virtual meetings, texting/phone use and emailing, the use of handwritten notes, creating awareness about personal social media posts and its impact on their professional life, and how to dress appropriately for “business casual” and other business events.

If you’re a professional selling your services or a business with employees that could use a little support, give us a call.