You are a Round or Square face shape if the width of your face is approximately the same as its length. These are the shorter face shapes. The difference between the two is the angular or rounded nature of the jaw and chin.

You are a Round face shape if your jawline and chin are rounded and soft. Conversely, you are a Square face shape if your jawline and chin are angular and there is a straight line from your temple to your jaw.

Hairstyle Goals
To add height to the face to create the illusion of a slimmer face.


Attractive Styles include:

  • Styles that provide height and volume at the crown
  • Adding length by styling hair towards the top of shoulders – shags
  • Styles with layers, including long styles
  • Parting hair off the the side
  • Adding curls around crown but not near cheeks




Styles to Avoid

  • Overly curly hair (Round faces)
  • Very short, closely cropped cuts with no height at the crown
  • Straight, heavy bangs – shortens the face!
  • Chin-length bob cuts



Want More Help With Your Face Shape?

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