You are a Heart or V-Triangle face shape if your forehead is the widest part of your face then slopes down to a narrower jaw line and chin. The difference between the two is the angular or rounded nature of the jaw and chin.

You are a Heart shape if your jawline and chin are rounded and soft. You may also have a Widow’s Peak as shown in the top photo above of actress Alyson Hannigan.

Conversely, your face is a V-Triangle shape if your jawline and chin are angular, as in the above photo of actress Reese Witherspoon.

Hairstyle Goals
To give the illusion of a narrower forehead and wider jawline.


Attractive Styles include:

  • Styles with curls or waves around cheekbone
  • Styles with fullness directed away from the to widen chin
  • Collarbone-length crop hair with uniform layers and sweeping side bangs
  • Light fringy bangs to cover forehead
  • Long hair with wavy layers to give the illusion of a wider chin
  • Add volume and body to the jawline with curls at the ends of medium/long hair



Styles to Avoid

  • Thick straight bangs
  • Styles that are straight with no body or curve inward at jawline



Want More Help With Your Face Shape?

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