Effective appearance and communication skills can be taught.


Sometimes employees don’t have an accurate understanding about how others see or experience them.


Some may dress in unflattering clothing that does not portray professionalism or confidence, resulting in lower sales. Others may talk too long without listening or getting to the point, and some may talk over or down to people that does not promote relationship building. In meetings, some staff look at their phone unless they are the ones talking, and at business networking events some sales representatives can be scanning the room for the next person to talk with instead of focusing on who they’re actually talking with.


We Help Employees See Themselves as Others See Them.

Radiant Image works one-on-one with employees to help them develop effective strategies to engage with co-workers and clients. The key is to teach vs. lecture, and show how they benefit as much as their employer. If you have an employee that could use some support, give us a call.