Upcoming 2020 Classes

Beautiful You: Color & Clothing
Have you ever noticed when you wear certain colors people compliment you on how good you look? Look the basics of how to look healthier and more attractive by dressing for your eye, hair and skin coloring as well as for your face shape. In this interactive class, you will be draped in shades of different shades of colors while other students look on to demonstrate how choosing the right shades impact your appearance. We will also review the 10 face shapes, and together with another student, you will learn your face shape the most flattering neckline, glasses and hairstyles for your features. This class does NOT include a personalized color palette.

Locations/Dates Offered:  
Thurs, May 7th – MSAD52 Adult Education, Turner (6-8:30pm)
Wed, May 20th – Gorham Adult Education (5:30-8:30pm)

Best Clothing Styles for Your Body
In this 2.5 hour interactive class, students determine their body type and face shape and learn general tips for choosing the most flattering clothing styles and necklines for their features. This class does NOT include a customized Perfect Clothing Fit portfolio for your specific measurements. 

Tues, May 5th – Freeport Adult Education  (5:30-8:30pm)