Summer 2020 Classes

Beautiful You: Color & Clothing (VIRTUAL)
Have you ever noticed when you are wearing certain colors people comment on your looks? Learn how to look healthier and more attractive by dressing for your eye, hair and skin coloring as well as for your face shape. In this one evening workshop each attendee will have the opportunity to be draped in different shades of colors to demonstrate how choosing the right shades impacts your appearance and compliments your skin. Participants will also learn their face shape and receive overall tips on how to choose glasses, hairstyles and necklines that are the most flattering for their features. Bring paper and pen to take notes for your next shopping trip or to bring home and redesign what you wear! This class does NOT include a personalized color palette.

Tues, 7/28: Merrymeeting Adult Education, Bath (6-8pm) 

Looking Good in an Online World (VIRTUAL)
Do you do a lot of Zoom social gatherings or meetings with friends or colleagues? Are you providing or taking classes online? If so, your face is front and center like never before. This online class will teach you tricks for looking good from the waist up! Topics covered include: lighting and camera angles, selecting flattering tops, makeup tips and things you should know about jewelry, glasses and hairstyles in a virtual setting.

Thurs, 7/30: Merrymeeting Adult Education, Bath (11:30am – 1pm)

Best Clothing Styles for Your Body
Soon we will be able to go out again and will be wearing more than our sweat pants. How do you feel about the clothes in your closet? Do you have a lot of them but still feel like you have nothing to wear? In this online interactive class, you’ll learn about body types and face shapes, then identify your own and learn tips for choosing the most flattering clothing styles, necklines, hairstyles and glasses for your features. Afterwards you can purge your closet of unworn and unflattering styles then be ready to purchase new clothes online!

Locations/Date: TBD

Makeup Techniques for Your Features
It’s an online world more than ever now with Zoom dominating our personal and professional gathering experiences and our face being the focal point of what people see. Feeling good about how you look in these settings helps foster better interactions because you will exude more positive energy. Learn easy makeup tips that give you an enhanced, natural appearance in this online class. You’ll identify your face, eye and lip shapes then learn application techniques for your features using your own makeup!

Locations/Date: TBD

The Art of Networking & Relationship Development (2.5 hrs)
In this session, you will learn the art of conversation and how to effectively network and build relationships. Topics covered include how to enter a conversation at networking events, asking open-ended questions (and key ones to use), how to discover common ground, listening to understand vs. respond, body language and voice tone tips and coaching on how to exit conversations. Etiquette will also be covered for texting/phone use, when to do hand-written notes vs. emails, and email manners. Time will also be spent on in importance of follow through and how it impacts relationship development. Following some instruction, you will take turns role playing to better learn the techniques.

Locations/Date: TBD