Choose colors & styles that make you look amazing.

Would you like to look “together”  every time you get dressed?

Knowing how to dress for your natural coloring, body type and face shape is a learned skill. Radiant Image can teach you how to choose flattering clothing colors for your unique skin, hair and eye coloring and how to select the best clothing styles for your body.

Learning this will help you achieve that “together” look that will make you feel good and others will notice too, giving you a new sense of confidence. Shopping will be a breeze because you know exactly what to look for, saving you time and money. You’ll have more to wear with less…plus you’ll feel great in your clothes!


AFTER – Business Casual

Personalized Color Analysis

To find your most flattering shades of colors, Radiant Image uses the Color Me Beautiful state-of-the-art color analysis system to precisely identify your skin, hair and eye colors. From these “coordinates” we will create a compact fan of swatches representing 40 of your best colors to take shopping, ensuring that you get the right colors every time! 

Time Needed: 2 sessions
1st session:  1.5 hours for color analysis and makeup overview (optional)
2nd session: 30-45 minutes to review color palette 

Cost: $175


Perfect Clothing Fit Analysis

Do you have a lot of clothes in your closet but still feel like you have nothing to wear? Do you hate shopping because you’re not sure what looks good on you? Learn what works for your body! We’ll teach you to:

  • Easily identify clothing styles that are best for your body shape

  • Bring your personality into your clothing

  • Save money and time by shopping with purpose

  • Choose glasses and accessories like earrings that flatter your face shape

Using the Fashion Fit Formula, we take a variety of measurements to identify your body and face shape. The results determine the best lengths and styles for clothing, including collars and necklines for tops and blazers, as well as the most flattering hair styles and accessories such as glasses, earrings and necklace lengths for your face. Includes a personalized spiral bound soft binder with examples for easy reference.

Time Needed: 2 sessions
1st session: 20 minutes for measuring 
2nd session: 30 minutes to review Perfect Clothing Fit styles

Cost: $185

Buy them together and save!  Just $299!! ($60 savings)