Create a positive image that is authentically you.

Make time to invest in you.

Radiant Image provides appearance and communication coaching to help you feel good and be more effective with others. Whether you’re going on job interviews, selling products and services, attending public events or going on a date, we can teach you how to:

  • Choose clothing colors that compliment your skin, hair and eye coloring, giving you a harmonious, “together” appearance
  • Dress for illusion to address body challenges, such as appearing taller or thinner
  • Purchase fewer clothes while having more to wear because your clothes mix and match
  • Sift through your closet to eliminate unflattering clothes and show you how remaining pieces can be easily enhanced for your body
  • Wear makeup to accentuate your natural coloring and teach you how to apply it for your eye, lip and face shape (women)
  • Select hairstyles, glasses, jewelry and necklines that flatter your face shape
  • Make good first impressions through learning techniques for speaking, listening and writing effectively

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